Special curses

The following special courses are delivered to the students of Department of Biochemistry:

  • Physicochemical methods of biological objects investigation (Professor F.F. Litvin)
  • Membrane biochemistry (E.A. Vladychenskaya)
  • Special chapters of Enzymology (staff of the Department of Biochemistry)
  • Kinetics of enzymological reactions (Associate Professor V.G. Grivennikova)
  • Bioenergetics (Academician V.P. Skulachev)
  • Proteins and enzymes immobilization (Professor V.I. Muronetz)
  • Molecular signalization and molecular endocrinology (Academician V.A. Tkachuk and A.V. Vorotnikov)
  • Molecular Biology (Academician A.S. Spirin, Corresponding Member of RAS S.V. Razin)
  • Protein physics (Corresponding Member of RAS A.V. Finkelshtein)
  • Molecular genetics and genomics (Academician S.A. Lukyanov)
  • Molecular immunology (Prof. A.A. Yarilin)
  • Transport across biological membranes under normal and pathological conditions (Profs. A.M. Rubtsov, O.D. Lopina)
  • Molecular neurobiology (Prof. I.A. Grivennikov)
  • Bioinformatics (I.I. Artamonova)
  • Selected chapters of medical biochemistry (Prof. O.D. Lopina)
  • Muscle biochemistry and cellular motility (Prof. N.B. Gusev)

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Last updated 25.11.2013