About us

The Department of Biochemistry of Lomonosov Moscow State University was found in 1939 by the academician S.E. Severin. The Department is one of the leading centers in biochemical research and teaching in Russia.

Student of the Department attend lectures devoted to the general problems of biochemistry, as well as courses covering molecular and cell biology, immunology and immunochemistry. Much time is devoted to practical training session, where students study methods of analytical biochemistry, peptide and protein biochemistry, enzymology, immunochemistry and molecular biology.

Biochemistry workshop at the department.

Apart from teaching, the department is known for its research activity. The main directions of the research are studying of the energy-transfer mechanisms in the mitochondria (group of professor A.D. Vinogradov), muscle contraction proteins and heat shock proteins (group of professor N.B. Gusev), role of Na-K ATPase in the functioning of the cell (group of professor O.D. Lopina), molecular mechanisms of intracellular energy transfer (group of T.Yu. Lipskaya), studying of the biochemical properties of the protein markers of different pathological states (group of professor A.G. Katrukha).