Educational Process

Education in the Department starts on the third course. This large, practical course is devoted to learning the main experimental skills. The large practical course lasts for 2 years and consists of several parts. The first part deals with the learning of the basic biochemical methods. In the second and the third parts of the large practical course, the students learn biochemical techniques analyzing carbohydrates and studying the basic methods of protein chemistry. Special parts of the large practical course deal with preparative enzymology, basic methods of molecular biology and immunochemistry. The large practical course finishes by preparation of a special course project which lasts for 2-3 months and is performed in the scientific groups of the Department of Biochemistry or in laboratories of different Institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. In the fifth course, the students prepare their diploma project. This project is performed either at the Department of Biochemistry or in the friendly laboratories of the Institute of Physicochemical biology of the Moscow State University, in the Russian Cardiology Centre, in the Institute of Biochemistry or in the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences and many other scientific institutions of Moscow.

The year-long course of general biochemistry is given by Professor A.D. Vinogradov.

The following special courses are delivered to the students of Department of Biochemistry:

  • Physicochemical methods of biological objects investigation (Professor F.F. Litvin)
  • Membrane biochemistry (E.A. Vladychenskaya)
  • Special chapters of Enzymology (staff of the Department of Biochemistry)
  • Kinetics of enzymological reactions (Associate Professor V.G. Grivennikova)
  • Bioenergetics (Academician V.P. Skulachev)
  • Proteins and enzymes immobilization (Professor V.I. Muronetz)
  • Molecular signalization and molecular endocrinology (Academician V.A. Tkachuk and A.V. Vorotnikov)
  • Molecular Biology (Academician A.S. Spirin, Corresponding Member of RAS S.V. Razin)
  • Protein physics (Corresponding Member of RAS A.V. Finkelshtein)
  • Molecular genetics and genomics (Academician S.A. Lukyanov)
  • Molecular immunology (Prof. A.A. Yarilin)
  • Transport across biological membranes under normal and pathological conditions (Profs. A.M. Rubtsov, O.D. Lopina)
  • Molecular neurobiology (Prof. I.A. Grivennikov)
  • Bioinformatics (I.I. Artamonova)
  • Selected chapters of medical biochemistry (Prof. O.D. Lopina)
  • Muscle biochemistry and cellular motility (Prof. N.B. Gusev)

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