Title:Rat lymphocytes express NMDA receptors that take part in regulation of cytokine production.
Authors:Vladychenskaya E; Tyulina O; Urano S; Boldyrev A
Publication:Cell Biochem Funct. 2011 Oct;29(7):527-33. doi: 10.1002/cbf.1771.
Incubation of rat lymphocytes with homocysteine (HC) or homocysteic acid (HCA) was found to increase the stationary levels of free radicals in lymphocytes, the effect of both ligands being mediated by ionotropic receptors activated by N-methyl-D-aspactic acid (NMDA), the expression of which on rat lymphocyte membranes was earlier demonstrated. In agreement with these data, increase of free radicals in the lymphocyte cytoplasm is preceded by an increase in the intracellular calcium levels, activation of protein kinase C, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase and/or nitric oxide synthase. Both HC and HCA increase the production of IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha by lymphocytes and antagonist of NMDA receptors; MK-801 prevents this effect. The data presented show that rat lymphocyte membrane contains functionally active NMDA receptors, which regulate cytokine accumulation.