Title:[The Na+ pump and intracellular signaling mechanisms].
Authors:Karpova LV; Akkuratov EE; Brodskaia OM; Boldyrev AA
Publication:Biofizika. 2010 Nov-Dec;55(6):1022-9.
The main properties of Na+ /K(+)-ATPase as a natural receptor for cardiotonic steroids have been discusses. Primary attention is focused on structural and functional differences between the alpha-subunit isoforms of Na+/K(+)-ATPase in different tissues. General information on the role of the Na pump in signaling cascades in kidney epithelial cells, cardiomyocytes and neurons is presented. The data obtained indicate that, in neurons, several alpha-isoforms of Na+/K(+)-ATPase possessing different sensitivity to ouabain may have different signaling functions.