Title:[Carnosine: endogenous physiological corrector of antioxidative system activity].
Authors:Boldyrev AA; Stvolinskii SL; Fedorova TN
Publication:Usp Fiziol Nauk. 2007 Jul-Sep;38(3):57-71.
The results of research of camosine as an antioxidative system corrector in conditions of oxidative stress caused by the action of damaging factors (y-rays, overcooling, hypobaric hypoxia, brain ischemia, neurotoxin impact) are summarized in the present review. The effects of carnosine are characterized not only at the level of the whole organism but also in "in vitro" models with use of a whole series of enzymatic systems. The results of the experiments conducted displayed the ability of carnosine to protect animals from oxidative stress based on the combination of direct antioxidative effects and a modulation of enzymes' activities which participate in controlling of reactive oxygen species level in tissues.